I am from Czech Republic and that’s where I grew up as well, in a small town.

I am based in London.

I’ve been dancing since I was 4 years old, following my mom’s footsteps and growing up in her dance theatre. Later on, I started creating and choreographing with her.

Contemporary dance with emphasis on storytelling and little bit of acting/performing in that as well. I love combining styles and be experimental.

I’ve always wanted to be a dancer in a big musical. I grew up in a dance theatre and since I moved to London, one part of me miss stage and the energy a lot. Having the opportunity to be part of a dance musical is one dream, but a bigger one is to create and choreograph one. Either a musical or a show. As a student of film, focusing on directing, I would allow my creativity and visions to be free and bring it to life on stage. Wow.. that’s a dream guys!

Energy between people and sharing the stage together in that exact moment. Express what we feel through movement and not only to reflect from the used mirrors, but to reflect each other. Working with people from different backgrounds and countries is amazing opportunity to get inspired, meet new people and learn more about ourselves.

I feel the most myself, when I am on a stage dancing. To express myself fully, I either dance or write. This journey with PPP will be amazing.