2 Sell out shows in Grimsby!

On the 21st and 22nd July, two sold out audiences witnessed People Power Partnerships UK Premiere of FACE T(W)O in Grimsby, as local and international artists, partners and young people came together to provide two nights of extraordinary free entertainment, escapism and reflection.

As the sun set over Grimsby, audiences of all ages flocked to Garibaldi Street Car Park, chosen for its location in the heart of the local community, to be immersed in a spellbinding and striking visual adventure. Audiences were captivated as 32 dancers interacted with stunning projections to a hypnotic soundscape underneath a giant floating mirror, creating a thought provoking and highly relevant reflection of the world we live in today.

The powerful reaction from the crowd showed that not even the rain could dampen the spirits of Grimsby on night two as many returning faces joined us for the finale of an event that has demonstrated the grit and ambition of the community in the East Marsh. The dancers embraced the rain to create a dramatic version of the performance which enchanted and inspired audiences.

An audience member commented: “That was absolutely amazing for Grimsby, I could feel my heart going, I have never seen anything like that before.” Another audience member commented “Amazing atmospheric show, loved it. Quite surreal in the Garibaldi Street Car Park but I can’t think of a better location!”

The pride in the community can be felt throughout every aspect of the weekend. It is important to remember that Grimsby is the only UK partner for this international performance. A local resident said “A great performance, [you] all did great and I hope you come back to Grimsby soon.”

Thanks to funding from Arts Council England, The Enrolled Freeman of Grimsby and community partners East Marsh United worked alongside Magna Vitae and Grimsby Creates to deliver two nights of mesmerising digital graffiti and electric live music from local artists, providing a platform in the heart of the community. The community was the key focus for the event, with local businesses within Freeman Street Market remained open providing mouthwatering food and hot drinks to keep audiences warm during the unseasonable weather.