A Summer of Rehearsals in Germany

The next phase of the project saw our dancers travel over to Freiburg, Germany to rehearse for the Big Production. This time around, 4 groups of dancers come together to create a new piece of physical theatre.

This production is premiered in Freiburg on 9 and 10 September then taken on tour around Europe as it visits all the partner cities, including Grimsby in July 2023!

The first round of rehearsals lasted 3 weeks and involved the dancers from Grimsby, Lisbon, Croatia & Latvia. They worked with the creative team from Pan Optikum to create 1/3 of a new production. 

Continuing the themes used in the Small Production, the Big Production also used the bespoke mirror columns along with a massive mirrored backdrop at an impressive 45 degree angle to the stage. 

The Grimsby team head back out to Freiburg in a couple of weeks for some ‘refresher rehearsals’ to learn the last third of the dance piece created by 4 other teams.

Following those rehearsals, the show goes on tour! We can’t wait for this large scale piece to come to Grimsby!